Announcing a New Series: “Animal Voices / Animal Worlds”

The University of Georgia Press announces a new book series, “Animal Voices / Animal Worlds,” that will examine the natural world through the point of view of the animals themselves. In the past, the discipline of animal studies has produced works focused more on human issues in relation to animals than on animals and their concerns. This series seeks to redress this imbalance.

“We are excited to launch the new ‘Animal Voices / Animal Worlds’ series, which conceives of nonhuman animals as individuals and promotes their own unique perspectives and experiences. Understanding the varied and complicated ways in which other animals think about the world and perceive their environments will help expand the animal studies conversation in meaningful ways,” said UGA Press Editor Bethany Snead.

Potential topics in the series include the psychology of animals (including their emotions, perspectives, consciousness, umwelt, and theory of mind); the history of ideas about animals’ minds and psychology; philosophical and scientific studies about animal welfare, the morality of animals, and human ethics toward animals; reflections on artistic and literary works about or from animals’ points of view; the influence of habitat on animals’ perspectives (and vice versa); and human cultural and subcultural perspectives about animals’ points of view. Proposals and questions about the series may be sent to Bethany Snead at

“By asking authors from diverse perspectives to thoughtfully explore animals’ perspectives, the ‘Animals Voices / Animal Worlds’ books series is emphasizing an engagement with animals’ subjectivity and ways of being in the world. Opening up to animals’ worlds can only make our own world more interesting to us, and may instill an awareness that animals besides ourselves should be a more important part of our everyday choices and long-term planning than they are at present,” said Robert W. Mitchell, the series editor and foundation professor in the department of psychology and coordinator of the Animal Studies Program at Eastern Kentucky University.

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