Celebrating Women’s History Month

We’re celebrating Women’s History month this year by highlighting our Southern Women: Their Lives and Times series. So for the thirty-one days of Women’s History Month get 31% off any title from a series that works to bring the stories of important Southern women to light.

Just click on the hyperlink below for the book you want, select the buy link on the book page, and then enter the code WOMEN16 at checkout.

Georgia Women, Vol. 1
Georgia Women, Vol. 2
Kentucky Women
Louisiana Women, Vol. 1
Louisiana Women, Vol. 2
Mississippi Women, Vol. 1
Mississippi Women, Vol. 2
North Carolina Women, Vol. 1
North Carolina Women, Vol. 2
South Carolina Women, Vol. 1
South Carolina Women, Vol. 2
South Carolina Women, Vol. 3
Tennessee Women
Tennessee Women, Vol. 2
Texas Women
Virginia Women, Vol. 1
Virginia Women, Vol. 2

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