Giveaway: Through the Arch with Pokémon Go

Starting today: catch a Pokémon Go character on campus and win a book from UGA Press!

We heart pop culture here at UGA Press—even as we make great books on timeless topics. Recent office chatter about the Pokémon Go phenomenon prompted a few “Hey, what if . . .” moments, which in turn led us here—to our #pokemonUGAP giveaway.


Through the Arch by Larry B. Dendy

The deal: We give you 10 places on campus that just happen to be featured in Through the Arch, our guide to the architecture and landscape of UGA. Catch a Pokémon at one of those places, send us proof, and we’ll give you a copy of Through the Arch.

The fine print: The giveaway is limited to three copies of the book, with one book per winner, first-come-first-served. You must be 18 or older to play. To play, follow us on Twitter. Catch a Pokémon at any of the 10 locations we’ve designated below (or as near them as you can be to it) and post a screenshot at that location to Twitter with the hashtag #pokemonUGAP. You can either submit a screenshot of the Pokémon at one of these locations with a distinct landmark in the background (see the screenshot of Zubat at the Arch above) or post a screenshot of the map where the Pokémon was caught. Once that location has been used, it’s no longer in play. We’ll follow you back and send you a direct message to let you know if you’ve won. And we’ll keep everyone else informed about how many books are left and what locations are still in play.

As Grimsley says, “there are bad ways to win, and good ways to lose.” To us that means have fun, don’t whine, and live in peace with our decisions about who has won. If this all goes well, we’ll keep it up with more books and more locations throughout the week.

North Campus:
Founders Memorial Garden
Herty Field Fountain
Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden
UGA Chapel
The Arch

South Campus:
Georgia Museum of Natural History mural
Sanford Stadium
UGA Bookstore
Special Collections Library
Georgia Museum of Art

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