Vantastic Lemonade Sale

vantasticlemonadesaleWe’re having a sale to celebrate the return of our missing van, which was loaded with books we had hoped to sell at last weekend’s Decatur Book Festival. If you need to get caught up on this story, go here.

If you have been following the events surrounding our van, then you also know that we are now short one big chunk of change: lots of money went into our display at the festival, but none came back out.

That’s what this sale is all about. You get 30% off the same titles we had hoped to sell at the festival. We recover some of our lost investment.

Sale essentials:

  • See the full list of sale titles on our website.
  • Enter promotional code 08DBF16 at checkout.
  • Sale applies to web orders and phone orders only.
  • Phone orders: call toll-free at 800-848-6224. Mention promotional code 08DBF16.
  • Sale ends October 3, 2016.

Thanks again to everyone who’s expressed solidarity and support for the Press this week.

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