#UPWeek Blog Tour


In President Jimmy Carter’s 1978 proclamation announcing the first University Press Week, he said this about university presses:

America’s colleges and universities have always met their responsibilities for preserving and enlarging the body of human knowledge. In our open society, they have an additional duty—that of making such knowledge available beyond the gates of the campus.

In the digital spaces we all must now occupy, this means university presses must ensure that we have a voice on the internet in addition to the books we publish. This week the diversity of voices from AAUP members (Association of American University Presses) have taken up Carter’s charge to go “beyond the gates of the campus” and are showing exactly why university presses continue to play such a vital role in our society. Take a look at the contributions below and we think you’ll agree.

(We will update this post throughout the week as links become available.)

Monday: The people in your neighborhood

Tuesday: Indie Bound

Wednesday: UP Staff Spotlight

Thursday: Throwback to the Future

Friday: #FollowFriday Press Spotlight

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