Around the South in 15 Books

Maybe you are out of airline miles or don’t have enough gas money. Maybe the vacation days ran out, and you are looking to escape without leaving the comfort of your armchair. Or, perhaps, you are ready for your next road trip and need help deciding where to go. If any of these apply, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list books and explore the joys and wonders of each of these Southern states. (Keep scrolling below for 5 bonus titles that touch on more than one state.)

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Alabama: Ornament to the City by John S. Sledge, 978-0-8203-2700-6
Arkansas: Ozark Wildflowers by Thomas E. Hemmerly, 978-0-8203-2337-4
Florida: Sea Turtles of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States by Carol Ruckdeschel and C. Robert Shoop, 978-0-8203-2614-6
Georgia: Sapelo by Buddy Sullivan, 978-0-8203-5016-5
Kentucky: Practical Strangers edited by Stephen Berry and Angela Esco Elder, 978-0-8203-5102-5
Louisiana: Cornbread Nation 4 edited by Dale Volberg Reed and John Shelton Reed, 978-0-8203-3089-1
Maryland: Listening to the Savage by Barbara Hurd, 978-0-8203-4894-0
Mississippi: Eat Drink Delta by Susan Puckett, 978-0-8203-4493-5
North Carolina: North Carolina’s Amazing Coast by David Bryant, George Davidson, Terri Kirby Hathaway, and Kathleen Angione, 978-0-8203-4510-9
Oklahoma: Art of the Cherokee by Susan C. Power, 978-0-8203-2767-9
South Carolina: Upheaval in Charleston by Susan Millar Williams and Stephen G. Hoffius, 978-0-8203-4421-8
Tennessee: Whisperin’ Bill Anderson by Bill Anderson with Peter Cooper, 978-0-8203-4966-4
Texas: Texas Women edited by Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Stephanie Cole, and Rebecca Sharpless, 978-0-8203-4720-2
Virginia: Atlas of the Civil War by Mark Swanson, 978-0-8203-2658-0
West Virginia: Current That Carries by Lisa Graley, 978-0-8203-4987-9

Bonus titles (these books cover more than one state):
Fireflies, Glow-Worms, and Lightning Bugs by Lynn Frierson Faust, 978-0-8203-4872-8
Landscapes for the People by Ren and Helen Davis,  978-0-8203-4841-4
Mounds Sites of the Ancient South by Eric E. Bowne,  978-0-8203-4498-0
Snakes of the Eastern United States by Whit Gibbons, 978-0-8203-4970-1
Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook edited by Sara Roahen and John T. Edge, 978-0-8203-4858-2

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