Spring 2018 Catalog

Our Spring 2018 catalog is hot off the press and we’re excited to be able to share a selection of diverse volumes that celebrate the past, present, and future of humanity through a myriad of lenses. Click on the cover to the right to browse the full catalog or scroll through the highlights we’ve picked out below.

  • Redrawing the Historical Past explores the power of multiethnic graphic novels to reshape U.S. history
  • Twelve expert scholars look at our enduring fascination with pirates and examine the exploits of the real pirates of the Caribbean in The Golden Age of Piracy 
  • David Mura explores the role of identity in narrative craft in A Stranger’s Journey
  • My Father and Atticus Finch recounts the infamous Charles White trial and Beck’s father’s defense of the accused in events that mirror the drama of To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Ghost Fishing is an anthology that gathers diverse voices at the intersection of culture, social justice, and the environment defined as “the place we work, live, play, and worship”
  • The latest title in the Animal Voices / Animal Worlds series:
    • Food or friends? Livestock dissects the very meaning of the term and takes a new look at our relationship with the animals that support our eating habits
  • The latest titles in Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation:
    • Revolting New York details the many uprisings over the last 400 years that helped to forge the big apple as we know it
    • Relational Poverty Politics struggles to define who is poor, what it means to be poor, what actions might be taken, and who should act
  • The latest titles in the Early American Places collaborative series:
    • George Washington’s Washington takes a fresh look at the nation’s capital to explore its place within the ideological clashes of the early republic
    • A story set in our backyard, Patrolling the Border chronicles the Creek-Indian resistance raids along the Oconee River
  • The latest titles in the Southern Foodways Alliance Studies in Culture, People, and Place series:
    • Catfish Dream offers the portrait of Ed Scott Jr.’s struggle to overcome racial injustice and become the first ever nonwhite owner and operator of a catfish plant in the nation
    • Creole Italian explores the influence Sicilian immigrants have had on New Orleans’ culinary scene and food culture
  • The latest titles in Crux: The Georgia Series in Literary Nonfiction:
    • Brooding is a “glorious and weird” accumulation of essays written via Facebook and Twitter that meditate on both the mundane and the lofty
    • Exploded View, accompanied by graphic diagrams and textual interplay, is an essay memoir of Parsons’ thoughts on fatherhood both as child and parent
    • Andrew Menard places America’s original, most edgy environmentalist in conversation with contemporary thinkers in Learning from Thoreau
    • Clinton connects our attitude toward creatures in the natural world that repel us (e.g. cockroaches, rattlesnakes, etc.) to a wide range of subjects such as stolen children in Australia and the treatment of illegal immigrants in Texas
  • The latest title in the Music of the American South series:
    • Read about that fateful day, April 18, 1998, when legendary southern jam band Widespread Panic brought just that to the streets of Athens Georgia and became a decisive movement in the city’s music history
  • The latest title in the Masters of Modern Landscape Design series:
    • History of the career of A. E. Bye, who has been described as a landscape architect “whose public and private garden designs strove for a naturalism so artful [it seemed] he knew how to make the snow fall where he wanted”
  • The latest titles in the Environmental History and the American South series:
    • Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture is a collection of essays that explore the distinctive environmental history of the Georgia coast
    • The Price of Permanence discusses business leaders’ effect on shaping American conservationist ideals
  • The latest title in the Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900 series:
    • Race and Nation in the Age of Emancipations is a chronicle of the varied obstacles that African-Americans had to face in order to fully embrace emancipation
  • The latest title in the Southern Women: Their Lives and Times series:
    • Arkansas Women once again brings together a collection of essays on women who have been instrumental to cultivating the state’s rich cultural heritage
  • The latest title in the Studies in Security and International Affairs series:
    • Regional Pathways to Nuclear Nonproliferation is a theoretical approach to disarming nuclear weapons by working at the regional level to affect change on the grand scale

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