New Installment of Annotations

On today’s installment of Annotations, UGA Press’s podcast, we have another group of Dr. Barbara McCaskill’s English 4810 class discussing Inspired Georgia, edited by Judson Mitcham, Michael David Murphy, and Karen L. Paty.

mitcham_inspiredGA_hInspired Georgia is a collection of Georgia’s contemporary poets and photographers that engages the history and culture of the state. While complementary, the poems and photographs in Inspired Georgia are not in dialogue with each other—they echo, resonate, and reflect the places they inhabit. They pay homage to the ecology, terrain, and culture of Georgia, which in turn draws in, nurtures, and fuels the intellect of its many and varied artists.

This podcast was produced by Hayden Benson, Robert Harris, Miranda Cly, and Rachel Nipp.

A traveling exhibition of Inspired Georgia created by the book’s editors and the Georgia Council for the Arts opened at Georgia Southern University at the beginning of January and will run through Feb. 1. The exhibition will then travel to the Albany Museum of Art  and be available to view from Feb. 5 to April 10.

Today’s episode opens with a reading by Opal Moore from her poem, “Hit the Road Jack,” which is featured in Inspired Georgia. Enjoy and make sure you stay tuned for our next installment.

To listen to earlier in installments of our podcast, click here. 

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