New Installment of Annotations

On today’s installment of Annotations, Dr. Barbara McCaskill’s English 4810 class discusses the 2013 winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, Thieves I’ve Known, and interviews author Tom Kealey.

kealey_theivesknownIn these wondrously strange and revealing stories, Kealey chronicles the struggles and triumphs of the young and marginalized as they discover many ways of growing up.

Their names are Merrill, Omar, Shelby, Laika, Winston, and Toomey, but most people don’t see them. They are boxers in training and the children of fishermen. They are altar boys in a poverty-stricken parish. They are assistant groundskeepers and assistant camel-keepers. They travel with the circus, care for disabled siblings, steal police cars, and retrieve the stolen boots of a priest. Ranging in abode from Puget Sound, Washington, to Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, they are abandoned yet courageous and plucky children and teenagers living on the edges of society.

Thieves I’ve Known is a collection of powerful, moving stories about the lives of a redemptive and peculiar cast of young characters who become easy to know and difficult to forget.

This podcast was produced by Kate Rascoe, Krysten Hardee, Laura Essex, Madison Greer, and Caitlin Sims.

Enjoy and make sure you stay tuned for our next installment. To listen to earlier in installments of our podcast, click here. 

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