Book Release: Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture

9780820351872Ossabaw Island may not be as commonly recognized as Tybee or Jekyll, but it’s the third largest of Georgia’s Sea Islands and Georgia’s first heritage preserve. The island, located south of Tybee, was home to Native Americans 4,000 years before European colonization. The island is rich in archaeological history, with the Ossabaw Foundation being established in 1961.

Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture is a collection of papers presented at the 2016 Ossabaw Foundation symposium, outlining the environmental history of this island as well as others along the Georgia coast.

The region has a unique expanse of diverse human history that these papers explore, telling stories of inhabitants from the Native Americans and Spanish missionaries to enslaved African Americans and vacationing northerners.

With modern conservation efforts underway along the Georgia coast, the stories suggest preservation of coastal culture is just as important as preservation of coastal nature. Losing the coast does not just mean losing tourism and residential homes: It means a rich hub of Georgia history will be washed away as well.

The book is edited by Paul S. Sutter and Paul M. Pressly. Contributors include William Boyd, S. max Edelson, Edda L. Fields-Black, Christopher J. Manganiello, Tiya Miles, Janisse Ray, mart A. Steward, Drew A. Swanson, David Hurst Thomas and Albert G. Way.

This book was just released for sale on July 15 as part of the UGA Press’s Environmental History and the American South series.

Pick up a copy today from online book retailers or the UGA Press site.


  • Hardback: $92.95
  • Paperback: $32.95
  • E-Book: $32.95

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