New Installment of Annotations: Robert Cohen on Howard Zinn at Spelman College

Cohen_Howard Zinn's Southern DiaryIn addition to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we are also celebrating Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week with a new podcast!

Earlier this month at the Decatur Book Festival, Robert Cohen, author of Howard Zinn’s Southern Diary: Sit-Ins, Civil Rights, and Black Women’s Student Activism, sat down with Susan Youngblood Ashmore, author of Carry It On: The War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, 1964-1972They discussed Zinn’s time as a professor of history at Spelman College from 1956 to 1963, his approach to teaching, and his support for his students as they fought together for equal rights—both on campus and off.

Mentioned in the podcast is the historical document, “An Appeal for Human Rights,” which was written by six college students—Willie Mays, James Feler, Marion D. Bennett, Don Clarke, Mary Ann Smith, and Roslyn Pope—in 1950. You can read it here.

Quick note about the sound quality: this recording was made in a large, cavernous room with lots of hard surfaces and not in a studio environment. Still, it’s a good discussion and well worth the listen.

If you’d like to listen to our previous episodes of Annotations, click here.

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