Anne Firor Scott (1921—2019)

Anne Firor Scott, October 15, 1985 (Courtesy Duke University Archives)

Historian Anne Firor Scott, a native of Georgia and a University of Georgia graduate, has passed away at age 97. Her influence, as a historian and a woman in the academy, is not easily summarized.

Perhaps the best place to start would be with Scott herself. “I have had three kinds of vital mentors,” she once wrote. “Living women, women whose documents I have studied, and academic men and women. And of course my students, who have been central to the process of learning. I salute them all.”

Scott said that in “Chance or Choice?,” an essay about her career, which can be downloaded here.

Tributes to Scott will be emerging in the days ahead. For now, if “Chance or Choice?” leaves you wanting to know more about Scott—and you do need to know about her—try History News Network and the American Association of University Women.

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