Summer Sale Spotlight: History from UGA Press

Catch up on your reading with the UGA Press Summer Sale and get 40% off all books during the month of June! Today we’re highlighting history. Take a look at some of our best history titles below, and use code 08JUNE40 at checkout to get 40% off. You can buy books that are out now or preorder forthcoming titles. We’ve also included links to similar books in the same subject areas, so feel free to branch out beyond this list. Happy shopping!

Rosa Parks: In Her Own Words (January 2020) by Susan Reyburn is a never-before seen collection of the civil rights icon’s personal writing and photographs. The book features one hundred color and black-and-white photographs from the Parks collection, many appearing in print for the first time, along with ephemera from the long life of a private person in the public eye. The accompanying exhibition opens at the Library of Congress on December 5, 2019.

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Confederate Statues and Memorialization, by contributors W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Karen L. Cox, Gary W. Gallagher, and Nell Irvin Painter in conversation with Catherine Clinton, is an enlightening conversation between top historians on memorialization, the proper role of public intellectuals, and how history happens.

“With its focus on timely controversies and their historical roots, Confederate Statues and Memorialization will occupy a unique niche in the academic publishing world.”
—Anne Marshall, author of Creating a Confederate Kentucky: The Lost Cause and Civil War Memory in a Border State

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Rethinking Rufus is the first book-length study of sexual violence against enslaved men. Scholars have extensively documented the widespread sexual exploitation and abuse suffered by enslaved women, with comparatively little attention paid to the stories of men. However, a careful reading of extant sources reveals that sexual assault of enslaved men also occurred systematically and in a wide variety of forms, including physical assault, sexual coercion, and other intimate violations.

“Foster’s work is a monumental contribution to history, Africana studies, gender studies, and black male studies that forces us to ask not how but why generations of scholars did not account for, or theorize, the evidence of black male sexual victimization across the centuries despite many being well known.”—Tommy J. Curry, author of The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood

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The Vietnam War in American Childhood (November 2019) by Joel P. Rhodes shows how our first “televised war” shaped American children’s hearts and minds. In seeing the Vietnam War through the eye of preadolescent Americans, Joel P. Rhodes suggests broader developmental implications from being socialized to he political and ethical ambiguity of Vietnam.

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Red Clay, White Water, and Blues: A History of Columbus Georgia by Virginia E. Causey is a comprehensive history of one of Georgia’s most interesting and influential cities. Columbus is the third-largest city in Georgia, and Red Clay, White Water, and Blues is its first comprehensive history.

“A comprehensive history of Columbus, Georgia is long overdue, and Red Clay, White Water, and Blues promises to be the most detailed and comprehensive history of the city ever published.”
—Tom Mack, author of Hidden History of Augusta and Circling the Savannah

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Stand by Me: The Forgotten History of Gay Liberation (February 2020) by Jim Downs is a discovering of key episodes that defined gay liberation during the 1970s. Jim Downs rewrites the history of gay life in the 1970s, arguing that the decade was about much more than sex and marching in the streets.

“Downs capably blends authority and warmth in this thoughtful reexamination of an era.”
—Kate Tuttle, Boston Globe

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The Drum Major Instinct: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Theory of Political Science (March 2019) is a theoretical framework for understanding the writings of Martin Luther King Jr. By fully exploring King’s thoughts on service, The Drum Major Instinct is an invaluable resource toward understanding how King wanted us all to work to create a more just, democratic society and how his thoughts continue to resonate in contemporary struggles.

“Dr. Rose’s book aims to fill an important gap in the literature on Martin Luther King Jr. by exploring King’s notions of political service. While historians, political scientists, theologians, and scholars in a myriad of other fields have examined King’s theology, ideas on nonviolence, and his organizing activities, there is no book length treatment on how King secularized and politicized Christian notions of service in constructing his political ideology.”
—Christopher Cameron, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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The Long American Revolution and Its Legacy (October 2019) by Lester D. Langley explores how the American Revolution influenced U.S. history and the course of the revolutionary age throughout the world. In a sweeping account that incorporates both the traditional, iconic literature on the Revolution and more recent works, Langley addresses fundamental questions about the Revolution’s meaning, continuing relevance, and far-reaching legacy.

The Long American Revolution and Its Legacy is an ambitious, thoroughly researched book by a respected scholar of the Atlantic world. Both scholars and lay readers will appreciate this volume, and even specialists in the field will find thoughtful new observations to ponder. Langley writes elegantly and clearly. Smart, fresh, and persuasive.”
—Douglas R. Egerton, author of Death or Liberty: African Americans and Revolutionary America

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The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture (May 2019) by Gregory Pierrot shows how a recurring black male archetype holds deep cultural meaning about racism and black agency. Pierrot studies this cultural history, examining a multicultural and cross-historical network of print material including fiction, drama poetry, news, and historical writing as well as visual culture. Pierrot argues that this Western archetype plays an essential role in helping exclusive, hostile understandings of racial belonging become normalized in the collective consciousness of Atlantic nations.

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Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory (December 2019), edited by Ethan Thompson, Jeffrey P. Jones, and Lucas Hatlen is the first edited volume devoted to the Peabody Awards Collection, a unique repository of radio and TV programs submitted yearly since 1941 for consideration for the prestigious Peabody Awards. The essays in this volume explore the influence of the Peabody Awards Collection as an archive of the vital medium of TV, turning their attention to the wealth of programs considered for Peabody Awards that were not honored and thus have largely been forgotten and yet have the potential to reshape our understanding of American television history.

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Southern Communities: Identity, Conflict, and Memory in the American South (May 2019), edited by Steven E. Nash and Bruce E. Stewart, explores the nature of southern communities during the nineteenth century as an elusive concept in constant reevaluation. The contributors build on the work of scholars who have allowed us to see community not simply as a place but instead as an idea in a constant state of definition and redefinition.

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