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Catch up on your reading with the UGA Press Summer Sale and get 40% off all books during the month of June! Today we’re highlighting books on the state of Georgia. Take a look at some of our best Georgia titles below, and use code 08JUNE40 at checkout to get 40% off. You can buy books that are out now or preorder forthcoming titles. We’ve also included links to similar books in the same subject areas, so feel free to branch out beyond this list. Happy shopping!

Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion by Sandra D. Deal, Jennifer W. Dickey and Catherine M. Lewis tells the story of the Georgia Governor’s Mansion-what preceded it and how it came to be as well as the stories of the people who have lived and worked here since its opening in 1968. The authors worked closely with the former first families (Maddox, Carter, Busbee, Harris, Miller, Barnes, Perdue, and Deal) to capture behind-the-scenes anecdotes of what life was like in the state’s most public house. This richly illustrated book not only documents this extraordinary place and the people who have lived and worked here, but it will also help ensure the preservation of this historic resource so that it may continue to serve the state and its people.

“This book engages readers in a way that helps them experience fifty years of Georgia political personalities as they promoted our state on the magnificent set that is our Governor’s Mansion. More than that, despite the first families’ disparate backgrounds, politics, and personalities, this book highlights the connection of common awe and responsibility they all have felt while performing their roles in a fishbowl.”
—Sheffield Hale, President and CEO, Atlanta History Center

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Through the Arch: An Illustrated Guide to the University of Georgia Campus by Larry Dendy captures UGA’s colorful past, dynamic present, and promising future in a novel way: by surveying its buildings, structures, and spaces. These physical features are the university’s most visible-and some of its most valuable-resources. Yet they are largely overlooked, or treated only passingly, in histories and standard publications about UGA. Through text and photographs, this book places buildings and spaces in the context of UGA’s development over more than 225 years.

“This stunning campus guide documents how our university has balanced its commitment to preservation and its need for expansion. To discover this beautiful place where the old and the new, the historic and the unprecedented, stand side by side, begin here in these pages.”
—Dr. M. Louise McBee, Vice President Emeritus for Academic Affairs at the University of Georgia

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Damn Good Dogs!: The Real Story of Uga, the University of Georgia’s Bulldog Mascots by Kent Hannon and Sonny Seiler gives readers a rare glimpse into the personal history of these nationally acclaimed mascots. Filled with colorful anecdotes-such as Uga V’s famous lunge at an Auburn player, his appearance in several Hollywood films, and Sports Illustrated‘s decision to put him on the cover of its 1997 college sports issue-Damn Good Dogs! provides the backstory to more than fifty years of collegiate sports history. 

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Seeking Eden: A Collection of Georgia’s Historic Gardens by Staci L. Catron and Mary Ann Eaddy promotes an awareness of, and appreciation for, Georgia’s rich garden heritage. Updated and expanded here are the stories of nearly thirty designed landscapes first identified in the early twentieth-century publication Garden History of Georgia, 1733-1933Seeking Eden records each garden’s evolution and history as well as each garden’s current early twenty-first-century appearance, as beautifully documented in photographs.

Seeking Eden is an extraordinary book and should be well received by anyone who appreciates our gardening heritage. The authors combine a pleasant style with solid scholarship as they offer important insights into some of the region’s most magnificent gardens. It will be a great reference for southern gardeners, both new and old, and it should be required reading for every southern college student pursuing a degree in plant sciences, landscape design, or historic preservation.”
—William C. Welch, coauthor of Heirloom Gardening in the South: Yesterday’s Plants for Today’s Gardens

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Savannah’s Midnight Hour: Boosterism, Growth, and Commerce in a Nineteenth-Century American City by Lisa L. Denmark argues that Savannah’s development is best understood within the larger history of municipal finance, public policy, and judicial readjustment in an urbanizing nation. In providing such context, Lisa Denmark adds constructive complexity to the conventional Old South/New South dichotomous narrative, in which the politics of slavery, secession, Civil War, and Reconstruction dominate the analysis of economic development. Denmark shows us that Savannah’s fiscal experience in the antebellum and postbellum years, while exhibiting some distinctively southern characteristics, also echoes a larger national experience. Her broad account of municipal decision making about improvement investment throughout the nineteenth century offers a more nuanced look at the continuity and change of policies in this pivotal urban setting.

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Conquistador’s Wake: Tracking the Legacy of Hernando de Soto in the Indigenous Southeast by Dennis B. Blanton offers new insights on Native Americans and their interaction with the first Europeans in southern Georgia. The focus of Conquistador’s Wake is a decade-long archaeological project undertaken at a place now known as the Glass Site, located in Telfair County, Georgia. This spot, near the town of McRae, Georgia, offers clues that place Hernando de Soto in Georgia via a different route than previously thought by historians and archaeologists. Through his research, Dennis Blanton sets out to explain the outcome of one of Georgia’s, and the region’s, most important archaeological projects of recent years. 

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Emory as Place: Meaning in a University Landscape by Gary S. Hauk is an illustrated history of Emory University. To think of Emory as place, as Hauk invites you to do, is not only to consider its geography and its architecture (the lay of the land and the built-up spaces its people inhabit) but also to imagine how the external, constructed world can cultivate an internal world of wonder and purpose and responsibility-in short, how a landscape creates meaning. Emory as Place offers physical, though mute, evidence of how landscape and population have shaped each other over decades of debate about architecture, curriculum, and resources.

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Red Clay, White Water, and Blues: A History of Columbus, Georgia by Virginia E. Causey is a comprehensive history of one of Georgia’s most interesting and influential cities. Virginia E. Causey documents the city’s founding in 1828 and brings its story to the present, examining the economic, political, social, and cultural changes over the period. It is the first history of the city that analyzes the significant contributions of all its citizens, including African Americans, women, and the working class.

“A comprehensive history of Columbus, Georgia is long overdue, and Red Clay, White Water, and Blues promises to be the most detailed and comprehensive history of the city ever published.”
—Tom Mack, author of Hidden History of Augusta and Circling the Savannah

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Georgia Women: Their Lives and Times (Volume 1 of 2), edited by Ann Short Chirhart and Betty Wood, extends from the founding of the colony of Georgia in 1733 up to the Progressive era. From the beginning, Georgia women were instrumental in shaping the state, yet most histories minimize their contributions. The essays in this volume include women of many ethnicities and classes who played an important role in Georgia’s history.

“Women have made their mark on all aspects of Georgia’s history, from early colonization and revolution, through slavery, war, and defeat, and on through the era of racial repression and reform. Their stories, as told here by accomplished historians all, provide valuable new gendered lenses through which to view that history afresh. Full of new insights and fascinating reading throughout.”
—John C. Inscoe, editor of The New Georgia Encyclopedia

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Historic Rural Churches of Georgia by Sonny Seals and George S. Hart presents forty-seven early houses of worship from all areas of the state. Nearly three hundred stunning color photographs capture the simple elegance of these sanctuaries and their surrounding grounds and cemeteries. Of the historic churches that have survived, many are now in various states of distress and neglect and require restoration to ensure that they will continue to stand. This book is a project of the Historic Rural Churches of Georgia organization, whose mission is the preservation of historic rural churches across the state and the documentation of their history since their founding.

“To understand the history of Georgia, it is essential to understand the role that religion played in the lives of the people. . . . I am proud to be associated with the book and the movement to preserve the historic rural churches of Georgia.”
—President Jimmy Carter

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The Civil War in Georgia: A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion edited by John C. Inscoe chronicles the diversity of Georgia’s Civil War experience and reflects the most current scholarship in terms of how the Civil War has come to be studied, documented, and analyzed. Historians today are far more conscious of how memory-as public commemoration, individual reminiscence, historic preservation, and literary and cinematic depictions-has shaped the war’s multiple meanings. Nowhere is this legacy more varied or more pronounced than in Georgia, and a substantial part of this companion explores the many ways in which Georgians have interpreted the war experience for themselves and others over the past 150 years. At the outset of the sesquicentennial these new historical perspectives allow us to appreciate the Civil War as a complex and multifaceted experience for Georgians and for all southerners.

The Civil War in Georgia uses selected articles drawn from the New Georgia Encyclopedia to cover the Georgia Civil War experience and provide the latest scholarship discussing how the Civil War affected individual states. . . .A fine guide, this is a pick for any Civil War or Southern history holding.”
Midwest Book Review

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Inspired Georgia edited by Judson Mitcham, Michael David Murphy and Karen L. Paty is a unique collection of Georgia’s contemporary poets and photographers that engages the history and culture of the state, while serving as a document of some of the best and most powerful pieces penned by Georgia poets and images shot by Georgia photographers in recent years. Representing a wide range of styles, attitudes, and backgrounds, the poets either hail from Georgia or have spent a considerable amount of time in their adopted state. Chosen from previously published collections, representing various stages of the poets’ careers, these poems exemplify the great talent, insight, and creativity present in Georgia letters.

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