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Catch up on your reading with the UGA Press Summer Sale and get 40% off all books during the month of June! Today we’re highlighting art, music, and architecture. Take a look at some of our best art, music, and architecture titles below, and use code 08JUNE40 at checkout to get 40% off. You can buy books that are out now or pre-order forthcoming titles. We’ve also included links to similar books in the same subject areas, so feel free to branch out beyond this list. Happy shopping!


St. EOM in the Land of Pasaquan: The Life and Times and Art of Eddie Owens Martin by Tom Patterson is an illustrated history of an important visionary art environment. Self-taught Georgia artist Eddie Owens Martin (1908-86), known as St. EOM, created a visionary art site called Pasaquan in the mid-1950s in Marion County, Georgia. Covering seven acres, this evocative and fanciful site has captured the imaginations of thousands of visitors. Pasaquan includes six buildings connected by concrete walls, all of which are adorned with the artist’s vibrant, psychedelic folk art of bold, transfixing patterns, spiritual and tribal imagery, and exuberant depictions of nature.

“Is Mr. Patterson perhaps incautious in accepting the word of a man who was justly proud if his talents as a deceiver? Never mind. The skeptic has not been born who could indefinitely withstand the alternately seductive and challenging, eloquent and profane, oddly black-inflected voice that speaks from the pages of St. EOM in the Land of Pasaquan.”
—Peter Schjeldahl, New York Times Book Review

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Art of the Cherokee: Prehistory to the Present by Susan C. Power features some of the finest examples of Cherokee art in private, corporate, and museum collections throughout the world. As Susan C. Power ranges across the rich legacy of Cherokee artistic achievement from the sixteenth century to the present, she discusses baskets, masks, beaded and embroidered garments, jewelry, and paintings. Power draws on archival and scholarly sources and, when possible, the artists’ own words as she interprets these objects in terms of their design, craftsmanship, style, and most important, their function and meaning in Cherokee history and culture.

“Power’s work is a groundbreaking art history of North Carolina and Oklahoma Cherokees. In my opinion this is one of the most important works since that of the early ethnographers including Frank Speck and James Mooney. Meticulous research and a consistent use of direct information from living Cherokee people are reflected in this sensitive and well-documented art history of a vibrant and resilient people.”
—Mary Jo Watson, Associate Dean of the College Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Native American Art History, University of Oklahoma

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In The Craft of Art: Originality and Industry in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Workshop, edited by Andrew Ladis, Carolyn Wood and William U. Eiland, some of the preeminent art historians in the United States consider the relationship between art and craft, between the creative idea and its realization, in Renaissance and Baroque Italy. The essays, all previously unpublished, are devoted to the pictorial arts and are accompanied by nearly 150 illustrations. Examining works by such artists as Michelangelo, Titian, Volterrano, Giovanni di Paolo, and Annibale Carracci (along with aspects of the artists’ creative processes, work habits, and aesthetic convictions), the essayists explore the ways in which art was conceived and produced at a time when collaboration with pupils, assistants, or independent masters was an accepted part of the artistic process.

“What emerges from these essays is a sharper understanding of the complex and shifting balance between the mental and the manual in a work of art in a time when collaboration with pupils, assistants,or independent masters was an accepted part of the artistic process. . . . It is simply a book that all art historians should read and one from which all scholars of the early modern period will benefit.”
—Katherine A. McIver, Sixteenth Century Journal

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Judy Chicago’s monumental art installation The Dinner Party was an immediate sensation when it debuted in 1979, and today it is considered the most popular work of art to emerge from the second-wave feminist movement. The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago and the Power of Popular Feminism, 1970-2007 by Jane F. Gerhard examines the piece’s popularity to understand how ideas about feminism migrated from activist and intellectual circles into the American mainstream in the last three decades of the twentieth century.

“This thoughtful history and analysis of Judy Chicago’s 1979 ‘feminist blockbuster,’ The Dinner Party, its provocative relations with the art world, feminism, and popular culture, and eventual transformation from ‘controversy to canonization,’ gives second-wave feminists an opportunity to relive their turbulent roots while educating younger women-especially artists-about the struggle for rights and respect they take for granted.”
Publishers Weekly

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Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia by Gordon Lamb tells the untold story of the world’s largest record release party. In April 1998, legendary southern jam band Widespread Panic held a free open-air record release show in downtown Athens, Georgia, its homebase. No one involved could have known that the predicted crowd of twenty thousand would prove to be nearly five times that size. The ultimately successful show, now known as “Panic in the Streets,” went on to become a cult favorite of Panic fans and a decisive moment in Athens music history. This event still holds the record for the world’s largest record release party, but the full story of how the event came to be has not been told until now. Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia places readers at the historic event, using in-depth investigation and interviews with the band, city officials, and “Spread Heads” who were there. Told as much as possible in real time, music journalist Gordon Lamb’s narrative takes the reader from conception to aftermath and uncovers the local controversies and efforts that nearly stopped the show from happening altogether.

“Gordon Lamb digs into an overlooked moment in Athens civic history, places it in cultural context, and unearths the idiosyncrasies of a small Southern college town.”
—André Gallant, editor in chief, Crop Stories

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Whisperin’ Bill Anderson: An Unprecedented Life in Country Music by Bill Anderson presents a revealing portrait of Bill Anderson, one of the most prolific songwriters in the history of country music. Mega country music hits like “City Lights,” (Ray Price), “Tips Of My Fingers,” (Roy Clark, Eddy Arnold, Steve Wariner), “Once A Day,” (Connie Smith), “Saginaw, Michigan,” (Lefty Frizzell), and many more flowed from his pen, making him one of the most decorated songwriters in music history. A product of a long-gone Nashville, Anderson worked to reinvent himself, and this biography documents Anderson’s fifty-plus-year career-a career he once thought unattainable. Richly illustrated with black-and-white photos of Anderson interacting with the superstars of American music, including such legends as Patsy Cline, Vince Gill, and Steve Wariner, this book highlights Anderson’s trajectory in the business and his influence on the past, present, and future of this dynamic genre.

“A genial account of a gentleman musician’s life in and around Nashville. They don’t make them like Whisperin’ Bill Anderson (b. 1937) anymore, though, as co-author Cooper suggests, it is the coda to his career that has made it extraordinary, ‘the most thrilling, exhilarating, and unprecedented part of his journey.’ . . . Anderson is a uniquely country personality, and that personality shines through.”
Kirkus Reviews

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The Nashville Sound: Bright Lights and Country Music by Paul Hemphill shows the resulting identity crisis as a fascinating, even poignant, moment in country music and entertainment history. While on a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, journalist and novelist Paul Hemphill wrote of that pivotal moment in the late sixties when traditional defenders of the hillbilly roots of country music were confronted by the new influences and business realities of pop music. The demimonde of the traditional Nashville venues (Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Robert’s Western World, and the Ryman Auditorium) and first-wave artists (Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, and Lefty Frizzell) are shown coming into first contact, if not conflict, with a new wave of pop-influenced and business savvy country performers (Jeannie C. “Harper Valley PTA” Riley, Johnny Ryles, and Glen Campbell) and rock performers (Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons, the Byrds, and the Grateful Dead) as they took the form well beyond Music City. 

“The best book ever written about country music.”
Chicago Sun-Times

“A first-rate book . . . that reads as smoothly and sparklingly as a bluegrass breakdown.”
—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times

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Party Out of Bounds: The B-52’s, R.E.M., and the Kids Who Rocked Athens, Georgia by Rodger Lyle Brown is a cult classic that offers an insider’s look at the underground rock music culture that sprang from a lazy Georgia college town. Brown uses half-remembered stories, local anecdotes, and legendary lore to chronicle the 1970s and 1980s and the spawning of Athens bands such as the B-52’s, Pylon, and R.E.M. Their creative momentum helped to usher in a new wave of music on a national and international level, putting Athens, Georgia, on the map.

“For fans of the bands, rock historians, and followers of the indie scene, this is a ‘Party’ worth attending.”

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In Ellen Shipman and the American Garden, author Judith B. Tankard describes Shipman’s remarkable life and discusses her major works, including the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida; Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, Ohio; Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans, and Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University. Richly illustrated with plans and photographs, the book explores Shipman’s ability to create intimate spaces through dense plantings, evocative water features, and classical ornament. Tankard also examines Shipman’s unusual life, which was enriched by her years in the artists’ colony of Cornish, New Hampshire, and her association with the architect Charles A. Platt. Shipman was notable for establishing a thriving New York City practice and mentoring women in the profession. Many of the assistants she trained in her all-female office went on to become successful designers in other parts of the country.

Ellen Shipman and the American Garden includes over 200 black-and-white and color photos as well as reproductions of Shipman’s garden plans. One certainly can absorb the main features of Shipman’s career by just paging through the illustrations, but to be entertained and inspired by her life and artistry, this well-written book deserves a careful read.”
The American Gardener

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Southern Homes and Plan Books: The Architectural Legacy of Leila Ross Wilburn by Sarah J. Boykin and Susan M. Hunter showcases the architectural legacy and design philosophy of Leila Ross Wilburn (1885-1967), a legacy that includes hundreds of houses in a variety of popular house styles, from bungalows to ranch houses, built using Wilburn’s plan books during the first six decades of the twentieth century. Wilburn opened her own firm in Atlanta in 1908 and practiced until her death in 1967. She published nine plan books that offered mail order house designs to contractors, builders, and prospective homeowners and allowed them the ease of choosing a preconceived design and construction plan.

“While working in a male-dominated profession presented challenges, Wilburn believed being a woman helped her understand what a house needs to be – a home. She went to great efforts to make sure they were not only beautifully designed but quite practical.”
—Helena Oliviero, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Hare & Hare, Landscape Architects and City Planners by Carol Grove and Cydney Millstein documents the extraordinary achievements of this little-known firm and weave them into a narrative that spans from the birth of the late nineteenth-century “modern cemetery movement” to midcentury modernism. Through the figures of Sidney, a “homespun” amateur geologist who built a rustic family retreat called Harecliff, and his son Herbert, an urbane Harvard-trained landscape architect who traveled Europe and lived in a modern apartment building, Grove and Millstein chronicle the growth of the field from its amorphous Victorian beginnings to its coalescence as a profession during the first half of the twentieth century. Hare & Hare provides a unique and valuable parallel to studies of prominent East and West Coast landscape architecture firms-one that expands the reader’s understanding of the history of American landscape architecture practice.

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