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We’re looking for some talented students to fill our summer and fall internship positions. Interns work directly with Press staff on ongoing projects. They will get hands-on experience with working in the publishing industry and gain skills that can translate well to other art or entertainment jobs in the future.

Below is the full list of available positions across all departments. Deadline for applications is March 31st.

Acquisitions Intern

  • Interns work 8–10 hours per week providing ongoing support for proposed book projects; sending letters to prospective authors, readers, and blurbers; drafting and sending decline letters; preparing and shipping manuscripts to reviewers; maintaining project information in the Press database; performing online searches for small research assignments; and helping with image and permissions inventories.
  • Interns are encouraged to attend in-house meetings with staff and authors.
  • Candidates must be comfortable using Microsoft Word and capable of writing clear, professional correspondence.

To apply, send résumé and cover letter by March 31 for a summer or fall internship to Beth Snead at bsnead (at)

Editorial Intern

  • Two unpaid internships each semester and summer.
  • Interns work 10 hours per week, learning the basics of the editorial process as texts move from manuscript to bound book.
  • Processes covered include how project editors coordinate the work of freelance copyeditors and authors; use of The Chicago Manual of Style; use of design elements; how editors track art, permissions, and other materials; how to edit indexes; how to prepare art inventories; preparation of disks for copyediting; coding manuscripts for design; and proofreading texts.
  • Various tasks include: editing indexes; preparing art inventories; preparing disks for copyediting; coding manuscripts for design; proofreading texts; and filing.
  • Candidates must be full-time students at UGA and have a minimum GPA of 3.00; a working knowledge of Microsoft Word; a thorough understanding of grammar, spelling, and punctuation; an ability to attend to detail; and an interest in publishing.
  • A proofreading test is required.

To apply, send résumé and cover letter by March 31 for a summer or fall internship to Jon Davies at jdavies (at)

Intellectual Property Intern

  • Interns will learn about intellectual property rights and contract standards in the university press industry.
  • Interns work 8-10 hours per week providing support for subsidiary rights and permissions projects.
  • Interns will learn how to
    • create permissions log databases
    • draft proposals for rights catalogs
    • research trends online in intellectual property
    • organize and update physical rights database
    • create user-friendly guides to rights and permissions

To apply, send résumé and cover letter by March 31 for a fall internship to Jordan Stepp at jstepp (at)


  • Unpaid internships each semester and summer.
  • Interns work 10 to 15 hours per week.
  • There are opportunities for interns to work in a variety of areas depending on their interests, including advertising, sales, publicity, Web marketing, and marketing design.
  • Experience from these internships can translate well to marketing jobs in other art and entertainment industries.
  • Students may be eligible for credit if they apply early enough and go through the right channels. Amanda E. Sharp (see contact details below) can provide details.

To apply send résumé and cover letter by March 31 for a summer or fall internship to Amanda E. Sharp at asharp (at) Internship details are as follows:

  • Social Media Intern:
    • Will help with daily posting to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.
    • Institutional or professional experience posting to social media a plus.
    • Should be familiar with Hootsuite for scheduling social media posts.
    • Will help create social media and email marketing campaigns around specific titles.
    • Opportunities to contribute original posts to UGA Press’s blog.
    • Design skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) a plus.
    • Working knowledge of Emma (email marketing platform) and Excel a plus.
    • Will help research niche markets and build mailing lists.
  • Podcast and Video Intern:
    • Will work with publicity team to develop podcasts and/or promotional videos related to our books.
    • Intern will have a number of projects from which to choose but will work primarily on upcoming titles.
    • Intern will work with marketing department and in some cases directly with an author to create promotional content.
    • Podcasts and videos will be approved by publicity team and featured on UGA Press’s blog, website, and other online distribution channels.
    • Working knowledge of Garage Band, Audacity, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, or similar audio and video editing software needed.
  • Publicity Intern:
    • The Press publishes about 70 national trade, regional trade, academic impact, and scholarly monographs a year.
    • Will work with the publicity manager to research niche publicity outlets and carry out publicity mailings for new monographs.
    • The mailings will involve creating mailing lists of potential reviewers (scholarly journals and other media).
    • Review copies will then be mailed with press releases, announcing the new books.
    • In addition to working independently on monograph titles, the publicity intern will also assist the publicity manager and publicist with media mailings and review copy requests for the national trade, regional trade, and academic trade titles as needed.
  • Design Intern:
    • Work with all members of the department to produce materials for a range of marketing, sales, and outreach efforts.
    • Create print-based and digital materials that rely on design templates (with modifications as needed). Print materials include flyers for single titles, flyers for book series, and press releases. Digital materials include email announcements and newsletters, and design updates to the Press website and various social media sites.
    • Create ads that rely on design templates.
    • Design selected exhibits materials, including signage, order forms, and flyers.
    • Process and distribute book cover images and author images.
    • Requires proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.
    • Requires good understanding of web, email, and social media design.
  • Reviews and Website Intern:
    • Will work with the publicity manager to capture print and online reviews and excerpt key quotes for our database and online sales outlets.
    • Will also conduct searches for additional reviews and mentions of our books in scholarly journals and media.
    • Intern will help proof and edit book pages on the website.
    • Should be detail-oriented and possess basic writing and copyediting skills.
  • Publishing Data Intern
    • Will help distribute book metadata among the Press’s many trading partners. Metadata includes such elements as a book’s title, author, and price. More complex metadata can range from a book’s table of contents to its subject areas. Our trading partners include booksellers (retail and wholesale), libraries, and data collection centers.
    • Ideal candidates will be highly organized, detail oriented, and have an interest in databases, cataloging, and online information exchange standards.
    • An interest in either a library or publishing career is a plus.

Design and Production Intern

  • Interns will be part of a team providing support for all aspects of the design and production process as copy-edited and coded/styled manuscripts evolve into books in many different formats and as previously-published titles are processed for restocking.
  • Interns provide general clerical support for staff of 5 publishing professionals.
  • Interns work 6-12 hours per week in flexible shifts within Press office hours 8:00-5:00 M-F.
  • Interns will have opportunity to learn:
    • basics of book design
    • illustration program management, from analysis of reproducibility to prepress preparation
    • detailed typesetting conventions specific to bookmaking
    • quality control measures for different stages of proofs and samples
    • how to produce cover mechanicals for reprints
    • how to make text corrections for reprints
    • strategies for researching and requesting reprint permissions
    • how to enter and track essential information in Press-wide database
  • Candidates must have knowledge of or ability to quickly learn following programs within Mac-based platform and workflow including Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, Filemaker Pro, and Word. The ability to attend to detail is essential.

To apply, send résumé and cover letter by March 31 for a fall internship to Rebecca Norton at ranorton (at)

All internships are unpaid but may be eligible for experiential learning credit. Several of our former interns have gone on to work at university and trade presses, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain some real-world skills in an in-demand industry.

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