UGA Press Titles to Celebrate Black History Month

To honor Black History Month, we are highlighting recent titles that feature Black authors, history, sociology, politics, culinary arts, music, and more. Lists like these will inevitably leave out many of the important and worthy books we’ve published through the years, which is why the spotlight here is on recent titles. We are extremely proud of these books and think they speak to the spirit of Black History Month—we hope you’ll agree. Featured titles are available in our Black History Month sale for 30% off and free shipping with the promo code 08BLKHSTRY – links are included below!

Prophet of DiscontentPAPERBACK

Audacious AgitationPAPERBACK

Building Beloved CommunitiesHARDCOVER

In Search of LibertyPAPERBACK

Diverging Space for DeviantsPAPERBACK


A Better Life for Their ChildrenHARDCOVER

An American ColorPAPERBACK

The Lost Southern ChefsPAPERBACK

An Outkast ReaderPAPERBACK

The Quiet TrailblazerHARDCOVER

Rethinking America’s PastPAPERBACK



Medical BondagePAPERBACK

Rethinking RufusPAPERBACK

Slavery and the UniversityPAPERBACK

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